ἐphemera ONE is the metaverse art and architecture studio, specializing in hybrid and ephemeral experiences. We work at the tension in-between virtual and physical realities to produce new tangible spatial senses. We are also experimenting with non-physical spaces while searching for new forms of cross-species communication and environments that can inhabit them.

Daria Smakhtina – architect and artist responsible for space generation and artistic part of the work. Daria has more than 7 years of experience working as an architect. Besides standard architectural tooling, her skills also include parametric modeling software like Grasshopper. She is also experienced in designing and modeling architectural spaces specifically for WebVR platforms.

Vadim Smakhtin – creative technologist responsible for data analysis and technical tasks like constructing an updatable VR space and environment around it. Vadim has more than 5 years of experience working in big data startups leading everything from data processing to architecting cloud-based client-server applications. He is also experienced in creative engineering, working on various technological art projects.