LF Spaces

LEGIONFARM invited our studio to create virtual architecture for a hybrid real-time event where four world-famous fighters met in the Metaverse to see and discuss a VR fight between two of them that was hold in UFC 4. We designed two special spaces tailored particularly for the event:

LF BROADCAST STUDIO for the celerity’s meeting and discussing the VR fight and things on the Metaverse. This space is extremely similar to a real-world TV Studio: with a meeting table, multiple screens with streamings, guest's dressing area and virtual operator's zone.

LF WATCHING ROOMS for the Legionfarm's metaverse guests to observe and discuss the event in real-time. An auditorium with two video streamings, sits for the guests, photo zones, and interactive objects inside.

There were lots of technical challenges and issues that were solved during the preparations and the event night. One of the biggest issues was mixing numerous streamings:

  • Real-time streaming of the event on Twitch, captured by virtual operators flying around the spaces
  • Online streamings between the Broadcast and the Watching rooms
  • Streamings of the real world preparations and special guests while attending the virtual part

Our team also set up the Hubs Cloud and a Discord channel to run the event - so that everything could be synchronized and Mozilla Hubs visitors could be guided to their rooms. We created a bunch of them to host all the guests and not crash everything.