The Soundwaves Collection

~ The Soundwaves Collection ~
is an art series inspired by bioacoustics files gathered in the wild nature and built around the idea of floating through the landscape of sound - ‘soundscape’.

For this collection, we developed a visual language encoding distinctive characteristics of the whales’ audio communication system into spatial renderings. The Soundwaves Collection follows our ongoing research on the possibilities of using emerging digital tools to represent various complex processes as immersive experiences.

It was created by importing the whales’ audio files into 3D computer graphics software to create soundwave geometry. The landscape composition was produced and analysed to highlight the most prominent parts of the whales’ soundwaves. Animations are algorithmically programmed to float along the soundwave landscape, with varying sound characteristics and changes according to collected ecological data. Each image, while just a fragment, shares a story told by whales over millennia.

This art series is created in collaboration between ἐphemera ONE, Sovereign Nature Initiative (technology and ecology nonprofit), Aquasearch (a bureau offering expertise in the environmental and oceanographic field), and WalletConnect (the communications protocol for web3).

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